Why does my Facebook News Feed Stop Scrolling

facebook news feed stop scrolling

What is Facebook newsfeed?

As Facebook social networking site, the news feed is a list of updates on your own Facebook home page. The news feed will show you updates about those people who are on your friend’s list as well as the odd advertisement. The news feed is basically a collection of events from your friend’s own mini-feed that is intended to give you a quick look at what your friends have been doing on Facebook.

My Facebook news feed stop scrolling: –

In case, your Facebook news feed stop scrolling, so here can much reason:

  • Posts are shared with your Facebook page from a user’s Personal Profile or a non-public Facebook page:-If your Facebook newsfeed does not show the most recent posts or some posts which are shared to your Facebook page are missing. Then most of the chance is that those posts in your news feed may be shared from a user’s personal Facebook profile or a Facebook page which has an age or location restriction.
    Facebook’s privacy policy does not allow to post which you share from your personals profiles or non-public pages to be shared outside of Facebook as the posts do not technically belong to your page, that post belongs to the user who posted it to their personal profiles or non-public page that posted it.
  • Some post are filtered out:-Make sure that, you have all the post types selected in the following location: Facebook news feed > Customize > Post types, or that you are not excluding some post types in the shortcode itself by using type
    Also, make sure that you don’t have a filter set on the news feed which is only showing posts that contain certain words or phrases. The filter settings in the following location: Facebook news feed > Customize > Filter content by string or you may use filter shortcode option.
  • The missing posts are set to have audience restriction:-When you create a post you can select to only show it to a preferred member. In case, you select this option then this post will no longer be publically visible and Facebook would not allow it to display outside their platform. If you want to show your post publically then you need to remove any audience restriction so that it is public. And you can tell whether a post is public as it will have a globe icon at the top.
  • You may be using a caching plug-in with aggressive settings
  • Post contains a send message button at the bottom:-If any post contains a “send message” button at the bottom of it that means Facebook does not allow the post to be displayed outside Facebook unless you are using an access token for that specific Facebook page. Due to the functionality of the button requiring the user to be logged in to Facebook in order to use it. If a post is missing from your news feed then check whether it contains one of these “send message” buttons.Source:- Facebook Keeps Going Back to Newsfeed