How to Fix Getting Newsfeed Issue on my IPhone and IPad

newsfeed issue on my iphone and ipad

Most of the users of the iPhone or iPad troubleshoot with the problem of getting newsfeed issue on my iPhone, iPad. These issues happen due to an update on the Facebook app or web version.

Don’t need to be panic, here we provide you the solution to fix getting newsfeed issue on my iPhone or iPad.

  • Stop Facebook app forcefully:-

Stop Facebook app forcefully is the first priority, it is the most effective process to fix the error. Simply click on force stop icon and again restart the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad. You can also do it by the settings option. Now you can check to see, that it is working or not.

  • Switch your Wifi connection:-

Sometimes, it can also happen that you are using a particular Wifi network for a long time then it can cause the slow loading of your Facebook news feed. So, try to switch your wifi connection if you have anyone. Now you can check to see Facebook news feed works or not.

  • Clean browsing history and cache memory:-

If, by using the above options you cannot fix your problem and still trouble with the issue. So you can use this option to reload Facebook news feed on your iPhone and iPad. Clean your browsing history and cache memory with the help of settings options. It can help to fix your problem. Now you can see that news feed works or not.

  • Due to the web version:-

 It also happens, that iPhone and iPad users use a web browser to open the Facebook account and they are not able to get news feed due to several reasons. You can do one thing, clear your web browser history or browsing data of the web browser which you have used, it will definitely help you to troubleshoot this issue.

  • If you use the Google Chrome browser, then you should open the history tab where you can easily clear all the website data and the browsing history under the privacy option.
  • And if you use the Safari web browser, then you can simply go to the settings menu where you can find a clear history and website data option.
  • Reboot your iPhone or iPad:-

 Rebooting your iPhone or iPad is also a good idea to fix the getting newsfeed issue on my iPhone or iPad. Rebooting can fix the causing issue of any software bug.

  • Reset your iPhone or iPad:-

 If an issue occurs in iOs and causing the problem with Facebook functions, then you may reset your iPhone or iPad which will surely fix this issue.

  • Update your Facebook app:-

 An outdated version of the Facebook app can also cause the error of getting newsfeed on your iPhone or iPad. So, always make sure to update your Facebook app with the latest version. You can also check any update from the play store or app store if available.

  • Update the iOS version of your iPhone or iPad:-

If your iOs version is outdated then it may also cause the error. So, go to the settings and check for the latest iOs version updates so that you will bring the latest firmware of your device to fix getting newsfeed issue on my iPhone or iPad.

  • Uninstall and re-install the Facebook app:-

If your problem persists still, so you can try this method. Firstly uninstall the Facebook app. And again download the Facebook app form paly store or play store and re-install it. Now, check to see the Facebook newsfeed works or not.


Source:- Facebook News Feed not Loading on iPhone