facebook news feed not working

In the present time, it has a lot of platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. The users use this platform those are enjoyments, experience and more interactive.

When users are used this platform those may face many problems the user reported that their Facebook newsfeed not working.

  • The first issue is the Facebook news does not Work.
  • New news open issue.
  • The old news was loading in the old date again and again.

What causes Facebook news feed not work/update?

There are many reasons causes as to why Facebook news feeds not working/updates.

  • First of all, you should check your internet connection. Internet connection must not be slow.
  • We should require that fast internet connection.
  • If we have a slow connection, the news feed might not work for you.
  • The other issue Facebook has a lot of downtimes if Facebook undergoing maintenance is down due to any reason then both platforms get affected.
  • If your Facebook does not update time to time then you can face this problem.
  • If your Facebook application gets a bad application date or installation file corrupt then you can face this problem.
  • Facebook works by taking your time.

Solution 1:-

      Configure news feed preference

Facebook offers to you the option of customizing how the news feed appears in your account. If you have changed any settings with regards to news feed then you check your account may be the result of it.

Your Facebook account log in to double click in a Browser and check on the down arrow icon at the top and select the news feed preference. When the menu option opens your setting so the new post-show at the top then you can save all the settings and click on the finish option after this Refresh the site.

Solution 2:-

Update the Facebook App

If you have an issue with the news feed in the Facebook App for your device, you may want to check and update if you update your Facebook App time to time you to have a bug free platform.

Solution 3:-

Clear data and cache of the app

If your Facebook App has collected a large number of cache files that are now this issue if that is the case, you can clear app data and clear cache. Facebook has store data in our storage location like a password, user name cache data, preference, etc. Facebook storage divide into two parts Application data and cache data. First, you can clear cache data and after this restart your pc check if your problem is resolved.

Solution 4:-

Reinstall the app

If clearing the app data did not fix your news feed problem you can reinstall the Facebook app on your computer. Your device will fully clean.


 Source:- Facebook News Feed not Loading on iPhone