How to Fix Facebook News Feed not Loading on iPhone

facebook news feed not loading on iphone

If you want to use Facebook on iPhone but it not loading, every time you have to open the social networking site. It is not easy, so you stuck with this problem.

Here are many ways to fix the Facebook news feed not loading on iPhone:

Fix the stuck Facebook app: –
In case, you are not able to load Facebook or Facebook messenger app for any reason, here are some steps by which you can figure out the problem:

1) Speed of internet connection: –
You know very well, that any media you want to use they need a proper internet connection with good speed. In case, you don’t connect your device with any Wi-Fi signal and your cellular data signal is low, so you are not able to load any social. So always keep a high speed of internet to Facebook news feed load on your iPhone.

2) Concern about a third-party app: –
It may be possible that you are using a third-party app of Facebook to view your Facebook data and news feed, third-party app has more problems. So, if you face any problem then uninstall it from your iPhone and again download the Facebook for free from play store or app store.

3) Refreshing the page: –
Facebook app has a pull-down to refresh feature. If you get that Facebook news feed not loading, it might be possible that you don’t refresh your page. So, refresh the page once again and sure you get the news feed.

4) Close and restart the Facebook app: –
If you found that the news feed not loading then close the Facebook app and again restart the app. Before some time, there was a bug on iOS, but no need to worry, this bug was fixed. You do only one thing, firstly close the app and again restart then it works properly.

5) Reboot your iOS device: –
It may be possible that internet service not working properly on your iOS device. It also happens with other devices that have been tampered with, such as via jailbreak. So, you just reboot your device and again restart your phone to launch the Facebook app. Now you can check you are able to load all news feed on your iPhone.

6) Check internet work on another app: –
Try to open a twitter or web page on safari or any other app that will access the internet for data. If all other apps are working properly then issues are in the Facebook app. Try to isolate your Facebook app.

7) Facebook app is updated or not: –
Always make sure that which app you use is updated or not. Go to the play store or app store and check for any available updates if you got any update then update it with the latest version. Then install it restart it again, hopefully, your all problem will be resolved.

8) Change to another Wi-Fi: –
It might be possible that the Wi-Fi network you are using has problems. To connect with another Wi-Fi network and check Facebook news feed are loaded now.

9) Use cellular data: –
If you don’t have another Wi-Fi network then simply connect with your cellular data. But keep in mind that cellular data may charge you for overuse, so remember how much data you use.

10) Restart your Wireless router: –
If you don’t have cellular data because you are using an iPod touch or iPad or iPhone without a SIM card, then you don’t have any other option to troubleshoot with your wireless network. Restart the wireless router to ensure that you have an active internet connection.